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General Rules

Please Print a copy of any applicable rules for your records. You may also print copies of the entry form to mail or fax to the Stars of Tomorrow to ensure your team’s place in our tournaments.

All rules are NFHS (high school) rules with the following additions, exceptions and clarifications:


  • A Closed tournament is for teams that have played together as a team during the current season.
  • A Classic tournament allows teams to add players to their rosters.
  • No player may play on two Stars of Tomorrow teams on the same weekend.
  • A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher at any time either is on base. A runner must be used for the catcher whenever there are two outs and the catcher is on base. Coaches should have courtesy runners ready to go, so play is not delayed. The use of a courtesy runner does not constitute a substitution, entry or re-entry. The courtesy runner must be a player who is not in the line-up at that time.
  • A team may bat 9 players or their entire roster in the 12 & Under Boys and 14 & Under Boys divisions
  • Any game interrupted by weather or field conditions (rain, lightning, wind, etc.) for one-half hour or more will be considered complete if the team that is behind has had at least four full turns at bat. A game will be resumed from the point of stoppage if,
    • a) the interruption is less than one-half hour or
    • b) the trailing team has had fewer than four full turns at bat, or
    • c) the score was tied at the end of the previous inning and the home team has not taken the lead.Games stopped after the fourth inning will have the score revert to the end of the previous full inning unless the home team has tied or taken the lead at the point of stoppage.
  • No infield practice is allowed on tournament fields.
  • The roster limit is 18 players. Only players, coaches a bat boy/girl and scorer may be on the bench.
  • Once a roster is turned into the field supervisor and the first pitch is thrown, the roster cannot be changed. No players may be added after this point.
  • The use of profanity and/ or abuse of tournament officials or umpires will not be tolerated. Those ┬ánot complying with this rule will be asked to leave the field and their game(s) may be forfeited as determined by the umpire or tournament officials.